About us

Elimu Driving School was incorporated in June 2016 under Elimu Tutoring and Training Center. Elimu was founded by Julie Weche, a former Baltimore City Public school teacher. Julie has a masters

in Education with a focus in teaching methods. She attended University of Maryland, Alberto University in Canada and Kenyatta University in Nairobi, Kenya. Julie loves working with Children and a wealth of experience working with children. She started her carrier as a high school teacher in Kenya. She later moved to Botswana were she worked as the director,  University of Botswana early child hood learning center. Julie has  a passion for teaching.

Elimu is in a safe location with ample parking.  Elimu provides an excellent learning experience. 

Learn from the best!!

Elimu Driving School has an excellent pass rate. Safe driving starts here. Call 410-303-3335 to register.

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